Introduction to Literature 170/1A X

Time: 10:400-11:40 am Classroom # 208





1 Week



  S-M  9-10/6

General Introduction

 T-Thu 11-13/6

The Elements of Fiction (66-67+ 107-108; 110-112; 159-161; 195-200; 220-223;  247-250;  272-276;  )
4 Weeks

Prose Fiction:


M 16-17

Kate Chopin The Story of an Hour  (p.15-16)

T-W 18-19/6

William Faulkner "A Rose For Emily"  (p.77-83)

 S 23/6

 Continue William Faulkner "A Rose For Emily"  

 M 24/6

World War I documentary + Ernest Hemingway   Soldier's Home     (p.162-166)

 T  25/6

  Gothic Fiction  [Handout, online, Dictionary of literary terms]

 W-S  26-30/6

Edgar Allan Poe "The Cask of Amontillado"  (p.579-584)
  S  30/6 -M 1/7 Flannery O'Connor's   "A Good Man is Hard to Find"   (361-371)
   T  2/7  Mid-Term Exam II (Essay Part )
   W 3/7 Mid-Term Exam (Part I) 
   Thu-S   4-7/7 Alice Walker’s "Roselily"     (Google classroom)
    M-T   8-9/7 Chitra Divakaruni "Clothes"  (Google classroom)
    MLA Workshop given by TA (Very Important)
2 Weeks


   W  10/7 Unit Two: The Elements of Poetry  635-640; 669-670; 688-689; 690-691; 693; 696-697; 710-712; 718; 730-731; 754-757;  775-778; 801
  W  10/7 Elizabeth Browning "How Do I love Thee?  Let me Count the Ways"  (p.1000)
   W  10/7 William Blake's "The Tyger"   (768-769)
   Thu  11/7 Dickinson's  I  heard a Fly buzz—when I died—  (846)
   Thu  11/7 Dickinson's'    Because I Couldn't Stop for Death (847)
   S    14/7 Harlem Renaissance & Langston Hughes poetry: Hughes "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" (980)
2 Weeks



In class we will start to read aloud scenes from the assigned plays. 

We will also watch a video tape of  two of the plays. 

   S 14/7 Unit Three:  The Elements of Drama   (1077-1079; 1094-1097; 1120-1126)
  M-T  15-16/7 Susan Glaspell Trifles   (p.1079-1089)   [ typed H.W. of two significant dialogues with explanations due Mon. 15/7]
  T-W  16-17/7  Act I of Ibsen's A Doll's House  (1358-1377)  [ typed H.W. of two significant dialogues with explanations due Wed. 17/7]
    Act II of Ibsen's A Doll's House  ( 1377-1392) [No H.W. I will share important dialogues with you in-class]
  Thu   18/7 Act III  of Ibsen's A Doll's House   (1392-1406)  [ typed H.W. of two significant dialogues with explanations due Thu 18/7]
    Cont.  Ibsen's play + discussing Modern Drama:  Realism & Naturalism  (p.1353-1357) & Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House 


   T   23/7 Final in-class Essay
  Thu. 25 July Last Day of classes
  Sat. 27/7   Final Exam [11:00-01:00 p.m., Room #208] 



The instructor reserves all rights in amending this syllabus.  Should there by any changes, students will be notified accordingly.